Offering customers what they need

“Text messaging customers is a popular and convenient way to communicate,”
says Adam Ellis, SMS Manager. “We’re intent on offering customers what they need when they need it. Our customer research on the uptake of text alerts showed that customers like them, particularly as they’re not too intrusive. But we were ready to move to the next stage: taking advantage of what’s available in terms of technology and using our experience with customers and understanding of what they want.”

Lloyds had been using two providers for messaging: Telefonica and a third party for dataprocessing and analytics. Lloyds wanted to streamline suppliers and appoint one supplier for all messaging-related services, particularly to work with its dedicated SMS team within the banking group. “We went out to tender and invited all the major networks and players in,” says Adam Ellis.

“We made the decision to move everything to Telefonica because of the value they add: their industry expertise and the possibilities they bring such as digital and apps capability, security, and the ability to develop new services.”


He continues “Our internal migration team and Telefonica worked together to move everyone across. The new service is much more user-friendly and has many more features. We prepared a training pack and put together a plan with desk drops and video guidance for around 9,000 people who will be using it.”

Customers value the vast array of messages that Lloyds Banking Group offers, such as bank account alerts, overseas transaction alerts, and operational alerts. Customers are up to date on events such as a debit card’s arrival or a bank account move.

Peace of mind

Adam Ellis says “The overseas transaction alerts are popular with customers as
they provide peace of mind about fraud. Customers feel safe knowing that we
are monitoring transactions.”

“Other alerts are mandated by the FCA within strict guidelines. We have to ensure we send them in a timely manner and that data is sent appropriately. There are rules and regulations around data transfer outside the bank and sending card details and so on. We’ve had a lot of good advice and help from Telefonica on that front.”

Collaborative style

Adam believes that Telefonica’s way of working is suited to Lloyds’ own collaborative style. He says “My team look after the whole digital workspace for the bank, including internet banking platforms, mobile banking platforms and mobile messaging. So we can initiate ideas and discuss them with the team at Telefonica. Equally, Telefonica show us what’s out there and we show it to rest of the bank and decide whether we see something that our customers will like.”

Drawing on Telefonica’s experience

“Telefonica have a lot of experience in customer relationship management (CRM), which we’ve been able to draw on to ensure we treat our customers well: giving them an opt out, adhering to their preferences and so on. For the future, we’ll use that experience to make sure we get it right when we launch push messages, for example.”

“Of the major networks, “ Telefonica is the only one that offers this kind of service. It’s a good working relationship adding a lot of value to the business and to our customers.”



Versatile management of messaging

Timely, efficient customer communication

Increased customer confidence

Full compliance with FCA regulation