The challenge

Cortefiel Group is one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, with a presence in
86 markets. In Spain alone, their client database spans over 13 million customers, who shop Cortefiel and its sister brands Springfield, Pedro del Hierro and Women’secret.

But the client demographic is changing. Younger, more tech-aware customers are less likely to use traditional loyalty cards. And more willing to buy fashion online.

Cortefiel wanted to reach out to these customers with their New Year Sale. And to give them a chance to shop, then and there, from their smartphones.

Our solution

We took Cortefiel’s deep-discounting ‘70% off’ promotion and help them maximise conversion online.

In previous years we’d used mass messaging to promote the offer, encouraging customers in-store. It had worked, showing a clear uplift in traffic.

But this time, we enriched the message by including HTML links inside the SMS. With one click, potential customers were at Cortefiel’s mobile portal. There, they could browse the range on their smartphones, and instantly click to buy.

Grupo Cortefiel


By enriching mass SMS with a hyperlink, we generated:

Click-through rates as high as 10%

A sales uplift of up as much as 5%

Proof that enriching mass messaging makes a campaign work harder