The challenge

The Brazilian electricity provider Cemig serves over 8 million customers. Historically, people interacted with the utility firm by phone, ringing the call centre. For customers that meant time spent calling, explaining and – inevitably – sometimes waiting.

Cemig came to us to find out if SMS mass messaging could help improve their efficiency by providing a faster, more customer-focused experience.

Our solution

We helped Cemig create a brand new relationship channel based around smart SMS.

By developing ‘intelligent’ mass messaging, customers are now able to write SMS messages to Cemig – and receive replies back — all using a system that interprets natural language.

People can ask how much energy they’ve used. Check their account balance. Or keep up-to-date with repair work or power outages. They can now access more than 15 separate services, straight from their smartphone.



By using mass SMS which interprets natural language, Cemig now:

Handles over 200,000 customer enquiries by SMS each month

Resolves 18% of all customer service traffic over mass messaging

Saves 80% in operational costs, by bringing the cost to deal with each enquiry down from R$5 by voice-call to just R$1 using SMS.